The simple and elegant approach with Senbon-Koshi (Fine latticing), Tsukubai (Wash basin), and Kawarabuki (Tiling) leads to a peaceful area where you sense Japanese traditional etiquette. When you walk in, the Japanese interior design produces an innovative but tranquil space behind the door.


Going through the entrance hall with tatami-mats, you can see a beautiful Japanese garden behind a partition of bamboo work which is a traditional handicraft in Beppu. Relax and unwind from your daily stress while looking at the garden from this lounge. On your arrival, you will be given complimentary freshly-steamed bean-jam buns with a drink.

Our complimentary freshly-steamed
buns are served at the following times:

For a quick light snack before dinner 15:00~17:00
For a snack before going to sleep 20:00~22:00

*We offer complimentary freshly-steamed bean-jam buns and drinks
(including tea). Please help yourself to the steamed buns and drinks.

*There are only a limited number of buns, so we ask for your understanding
in the event they run out.

*Dear guest
To prevent spreading of Novel Coronavirus Infection, "Steamed Buns Service Time", will be suspended for the time being. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Rental corner for Yukatas(light cotton kimonos)and pillows (makuras)

We offer various types of pillows so you can sleep in comfort. In addition, a beautiful rental Yukata is available for a charge of ¥700. We offer a variety of Yukatas (for all genders and generations), the patterns of which are in keeping with the atmosphere of the Hot spring town, Beppu. How about wearing a Yukata with your family or friends?

■Opening hours / 15:00~20:00

How about going around Hatto (the eight hot springs in Beppu) in a two-piece Yukata? It is easy to wear.

Treatment UTSUSEMI (Cicada)

The interior, made of Japanese paper, creates an atmosphere of soft lighting. After UTSUSEMI’s original treatment with camellia oil, you will feel thoroughly refreshed. Our beauty therapists will give you a massage to improve your physical condition and leave you feeling thoroughly rejuvenated. The therapists’ hands release tension in your body and enhance the natural recovery of your body. Our treatment leaves you feeling refreshed and more beautiful.

■Opening hours / 15:00~22:00(Last admittance)

When the camellia oil is applied on your skin, it spreads gently and releases any tension in your whole body.

Shop BEPPU TSUBAKI (Camellia)

This souvenir shop has a wide variety of goods including carefully-selected original items of Hanabeppu, such as cosmetics, sweets, accessories, and foods. These items use camellia, a specialty in Oita, as a motif of beauty and health. Please drop in to this shop and find suitable gifts for your precious ones or for yourself.

■Opening hours / 7:00~21:00

How about purchasing some original souvenirs as a memory of your trip?

Vending machines, Smoking area

There are vending machines and a smoking area inside this Ryokan. You can use them freely.