Graceful and Fragrant
Welcome home
Bamboo ornaments woven using the Yatara Ami technique and in the shape of the moon, the sun, and ripples, are on display.
Calm and Comfortable
Hot spring town, Beppu… Unwind
Enjoy the eight hot springs in Beppu while wearing a Yukata (a Japanese light cotton kimono). The hot springs feel so good.
A special breakfast with freshly-made rice
tatami-mats and bamboo cover the floors inside the building, so it is comfortable for walking on barefoot.
Beppu hot springs are famous for enhancing beauty, due to the unique combination of minerals in the water.
A real feast using ingredients grown by local farmers.
Our master chef carefully selects fresh ingredients which are traceable back to their producers. While staying with us, you will be able to enjoy the seasonal flavors from the area around Beppu.


Recommended plan

[Women’s Travel Support] Women’s Group Limited 3 Great Benefits Women’s Travel Plan “Hana Beppu Kaiseki”
[Public transportation only] 3000 yen off per person & bath salt souvenirs Basic plan “Hana Beppu Kaiseki”
[Enjoy Beppu Onsen] Enjoy Beppu Onsen at a great price. Plan “Hana Beppu Kaiseki” with a bathing ticket for Hyotan Onsen




16-50 Kamitanoyumachi,
Beppu City, Oita 874-0908

+81-977-22-0049 ( 10:00~19:00 JST )